Saturday, 31 January 2009


My last novel, THE DEVIL'S TRINITY has won an award: it has won Author of the Month for January on
It's nice to be recognised as an author. All I need now is for the reading public to recognise that too!

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Still another day.

Still waiting for somebody to ask me about my book, my other books, advice and tips. The advice and tips come free but you'll have to pay for the books. They are well worth it anyway.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Another day

Just popped in to see if there has been any activity on my blog

Monday, 26 January 2009

Another day

I'm still trying to attract some kind of response and wonder if anybody out there has picked up my blog. Perhaps the first person to respond to this blog might give me an idea how I can attract more attention.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Getting better

My web site, is virtually finished, and I belive my son has done an excellent job. It deserves to be checked out if for nothing else it's art work and sheer professional quality. There is a link to Amazon where you can pre-order a copy of the novel. This book really is a compelling thriller. Look at my site and see what you think.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Building the web page.

My son has created a stunning web page for me. The site isn't complete yet, but it can be seen at Hopefully the people who visit this blog or my website will want to see the book, which is due out in May. Watch this space!

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

If any reader of my blog would like some tips on writing and getting published, I will answer any questions as honestly as I can but I won't guarantee on making you successful.

Monday, 19 January 2009

Why I'm getting excited

I am beginning to understand the mechanics of this blog lark. Hopefully I will attract readers to this page and tease their curiosity about THE THIRD SECRET. As I develop this blog and its features I will include some passges from the book, which is due out in May. Can't wait!

Monday, 12 January 2009

Just another day

I was told that blogging is fantastic; you get all kinds of visitors to your blog. So far I have had zilch. Must be doing something wrong! I want to promote my next novel; THE THIRD SECRET. If you want to know more about me, go to my website:

The book is due out in May.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

2009 - A good year?

This is the year my next book comes out. THE THIRD SECRET is due for publication in May. It will be available from in May and should appear on the major book sellers websites like Amazon and The Book Depository. I want to generate as much interest and publicity for my novel as I can, hence this blog. Any questions? I'm all ears. Soon I hope to have the opening prologue printed here to tempt your reader taste buds.