Sunday, 22 March 2009

Website update

I am having my website updated. My son is doing it for me and we hope it will be ready to roll within a day or so. He is doing the final tweaking and will then ask me to check it out. It's great fun, and we hope the site will encourage readers to go further than just looking at it; we hope it will encourage you all to buy the book!

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Still seems a long way off

Looking forward to my next book is like waiting for Christmas; it takes ages to get here. My publisher tells me that the 'shelf life' of a book in the book stores is not very long; the author gets a short, open window and then other new titles swamp it. Apparently it's much the same for most novels unless they are the top sellers. So as I try to build a kind of promotion run in to May, I feel the excitement building, but I have been warned it could end up like Christmas; over in a very short time. So, fingers crossed that my publisher is flooded with orders for what could turn out to be a potentail best seller.