Monday, 27 April 2009

Filling in time

Because the only person using this blog is me, it seems silly to keep writing to myself. But living in the hope that someone will pop in and say hallo, I feel I must add something more. In about four weeks time, my book will hit the shops. Sounds like I'm getting ready for a blast, eh? Chances are it will disappear from sight despite the fact that it is a very good read. But how do you classify a 'good read'? Depends on the reader as much as the author. I can't trust book reviewers too much, particularly those who review for the mainstream Press, but they are a necessary evil. Trouble is, none of them want to review my book. So, how about you the reader (are you there?), why not let me know once you've read the novel what you think? I should be receiving my copies within a couple of weeks, and it never gets less exciting than before; always just as good. I'm like a kid. Roll on May 29th.

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