Friday, 1 May 2009

This is the month!

At last the month has arrived and I can look forward to seeing my novel in print. Official release date is the 29th. I always like handling my books. As soon as I receive my copies from the publisher, I read them. I'm just like a reader rather than an author, and always enjoy what I'm reading. I also try to put myself into the frame of mind that I would expect others to be in when they are reading a novel of mine.


  1. Hi Mick!

    wow!....i love the movie that loads on your web site and the music....what a wonderful job you have done! How are your sales going n the new book?

  2. Hallo CH

    One of my sons set up my website. He has much more ability than me with gismos. He used to be a Harrier pilot in the RAF. He probably gets his brains from me, but my wife insists he takes after her. As far as sales are concerned, I've no idea because the books are only just reaching to warehouses. I haven't received my copies yet. Hopefully they should be here ina few days.